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Job Posting - Metro Transit Sustainability Program Coordinator

Metro Transit Sustainability Program Coordinator

  • Lead King County Metro Transit's agency-wide Sustainability Program, including relevant report preparation, documentation, and information gathering.
  • Plan, coordinate, and direct implementation of the 2015 King County Strategic Climate Action Plan for Metro and represent Metro on the County's Climate Leadership Team.
  • Coordinate the effort to update and implement Metro's Sustainability Plan to ensure all three pillars of sustainability are addressed, including environmental, social equity and economic issues. Monitor the agency's adherence to the plan and report annually on the agency's efforts.
  • Support various programs developed, implemented, and/or managed by Transit sections such as those related to the King County Green Building Ordinance, renewable energy and energy conservation, green fleets, utility rebates, or other programs that support the agency's sustainability efforts. Such support will include activities such as developing work plans and policies, ensuring that relevant reporting and documentation requirements are met, participating on program or project teams as assigned, and assisting with grant application development.
  • Coordinate development of and reporting on equity and social justice commitments for all Transit sections in alignment with Metro's sustainability program and the King County Office of Equity and Social Justice.
  • Represent the Transit Division on King County and Department of Transportation committees relevant to sustainability as assigned.
  • Coordinate and facilitate Metro's Sustainability Program Steering Committee and Employee Green Team meetings.

Some additional information about Metro Transit’s sustainability efforts can be found in their sustainability program which also plays a huge role in meeting goals outlined in the King County Strategic Climate Action Plan