DACA Reaches the Supreme Court

DACA Reaches the Supreme Court

US v. Texas has now reached the highest court in the nation. On April 18, 2016 the US Supreme Court heard the oral arguments of both sides of US v. Texas, the case that is the center of the fight for DAPA and Expanded DACA. This means that the Supreme Court listened to the reasoning behind why Texas and other States are suing the US Government. Texas and other States are claiming that creating the new programs, DAPA and Expanded DACA, would be too much of a financial burden. However, the Obama administration is arguing that DAPA and Expanded DACA would bring in revenue to the state because of taxes.

The Supreme Court has yet to make a ruling on DAPA and Expanded DACA, but a decision should be expected in June 2016. Until then, what happens to DAPA and Expanded DACA will remain unclear, but there is good support for these programs.

In the meantime:

  • DACA is still in effect, so if you or someone you know might be eligible for DACA, get screened today by calling 206-579-1255 or visit www.itshouldbefair.com

  • If you or someone you know might be eligible for DAPA or Expanded DACA get screened, save money, and start preparing your evidence (applications are not available yet).

  • If you are an advocate, you can spread the word and inform others of about this important issue. Share this fun and short video about what’s happening: